The Culture in Finance Awards aim to recognise the firms and individuals who are helping to build good cultures, and to ultimately rebuild trust in the industry.

Why Get Involved

  • 1. Celebrate the leaders and firms making an impact
  • 2. Access unique culture research and best practice
  • 3. Help us raise the profile of culture

Award Categories

10 Leadership Awards: Recognising exceptional talent

  1. Disruptor of the Year
  2. Rising Star of the Year
  3. Banking Leader of the Year
  4. Investments Leader of the Year
  5. Insurance Leader of the Year
  6. FinTech Leader of the Year
  7. Financial Advisor of the Year
  8. Accountancy Leader of the Year
  9. Legal Leader of the Year
  10. Consumer Credit Leader of the Year

6 Firm Awards: Recognising firms with great culture

  1. Bank of the Year
  2. Investment Firm of the Year
  3. Insurer of the Year
  4. FinTech of the Year
  5. Financial Advisor of the Year
  6. Consumer Credit Firm of the Year

2 Technology Awards: Recognising technology that's helping to embed high performing cultures

  1. Best Employee Engagement Platform
  2. Best Employee Benefit Platform

Leadership & Technology awards:
There is a simple entry form which can be completed. There is no entry cost. Please contract us using the below details to access this.

Firm awards:
We’ve developed a number of questions that seek to better understand how the culture of firms is being felt by customers. Our firm specific awards are determining by the customers of financial firms who complete these question on Smart Money People.